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Update on our week: We’re back; Andy had a lot of free time and watched WWE latest documentary on Jerry Lawler. Hear his thoughts on this about Jerry Lawler and his thoughts of the Memphis wrestling territory. Did Jared Leto take on the Joker in Suicide Squad impress Andy? Andy gave his thoughts on the Suicide Squad movie with limited spoilers. Good News translation Bible, Andy reads this version of the Bible and gets confused? Listen to some tales of Mexican parenting and be amazed. Danny is feeling blessed, hear him tell a tale of having God’s favor and stopping to smell the roses. Danny has been married for over 10 years. Danny and wife get all dolled up and go the Chicago steakhouse and live it up. Beer, White Russians and fat steaks Danny know how to celebrate this special occasion. This Chicago steakhouse is known for its celebrity cliental. Listen now! Article for the week: Fan First Pricing…