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Update on our week: Welcome to Freeform Radio, we have another episode for you this week with some updates on Andy and Daniel’s lives. Andy starts a new TV show, Stranger Things. This show is of the sci-fi genre and offers a blend of exciting plot twists to entice the audience into loyal viewership. Daniel compares it to Super8, a JJ Abrams movie that brings back memories of the classic film, The Goonies. Are there TV/Movie binge watching rules among friends or lovers? Let us know what you think. Andy and Daniel discuss Sony Playstation and the changes happening in the gaming world including the price drop of the PS4. The evolution of Virtual Reality is expected to impact the gaming industry greatly and spread to various other media in the near future. Daniel talks about a Resident Evil demo titled Kitchen that feels immersive with its 3D effects and realistic sound. He explains how the Batman VR game brings the superhero to life and provided a realistic experience where even a fear of heights can be…