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Update on our week: Come join us for another episode of Free Form Radio. This week Daniel lets us know about his experience taking his Chihuahua to get his nails clipped and how their stereotype rang true when he bit the pet store associate who was clipping the nails. Daniel also takes Jr. to Six Flags Great America for the first time and they have a blast! Jr. showed his adventurous side by fearlessly taking on all the rides he could get on. Noel discusses his thoughts on joining a gym, finding the right one, and taking the right classes taught by the right people. He sheds light on his past gym experience and the sometimes weird and unique people that can frequent gyms. He also shares some info on his push to spend his money wisely to learn MMA as well as get in peak physical condition over time in hopes of someday having a real MMA fight. Noel briefly discusses work, how 2 weeks in he is already working overtime, reorganizing things, and getting a lot of praise and extra work tossed his way. He talks on…