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Update on our week: Its time for another episode of Free Form Radio! This week we cover current events, pop culture, and much more. Daniel speaks on attending his first Notre Dame football game. He luckily got tickets from a good friend of his and was able to take part in the awesome experience of college football. He describes in detail how college games are different from attending NFL events. The unity and involvement of the college students is one of a kind. Andy makes a point on how college football sparked the initial interest in the sport that helped paved the way for the NFL to be where it is today. Reviewing the Ghostbusters reboot movie has its pros and cons as Daniel and Andy discuss how the movie did not acknowledge the original cast and instead went in a completely different direction. We bring to light how trailers are pretty much spoiling the movie for the viewers. What are your thoughts? Hardcore Henry is a first person movie that entertains and excites…according to Daniel and D.J.’s viewing…