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Update on our week: Daniel takes out his wife on a special date to a special restaurant. Hear his thoughts on this special place. Also, hear his review on the new Fifty Shades of grey sequel. Does it live up to the hype? Daniel is looking for a smart TV. WIth so little money and so many TV’s, what is man to do?Andy has a list of must listen podcasts, hear who he listens to. Who knew that recording a podcast is so hard, especially when there is traffic! Joe Rogan Podcast has two memorable episodes with Alex Jones and Leah Remini, hear Andy’s thoughts on those two episodes. Article for the week: A new method to collect on unpaid parking tickets. Article Links: http://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/2016/09/22/this-parking-ticket-is-as-big-as-your-car-windshield/ Warning: May have Strong Language and Content. ========== Thank you to everyone who enjoys what we do. If you like what we do, please spread the word of our show. Email questions or suggestions to ffnquestions@gmail.com ========== See FACEBOOK page…