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Jim and Merlin talk New Years and what they hope to see in the year ahead. Also, Motörhead and preparing for presentations. Brought to you by: Casper: An obsessively engineered mattress at a shockingly fair price. Use code ENTERSANDMAN to save $50 on any mattress purchase. Links: The Young Ones - “Bambi” (1984) Motörhead - Motörizer English Rose - Motorhead - YouTube Bambi (The Young Ones) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia WayTools TextBlade - Magnetic Keyboard for iPhone, iPad, Android Accidental Tech Podcast: 150: A Mac Pro in Every Pot How I Made My Presentations a Little Better | 43 Folders The Talk Show ✪: Ep. 140, With Special Guest Rene Ritchie Presentation Zen: Simple Ideas on Presentation Design and Delivery (2nd Edition) (Voices That Matter): Garr Reynolds: 9780321811981: Amazon.com: Books Path Finder 7 by Cocoatech Motörizer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia No Sleep ’til Hammersmith - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia RescueTime : Time management software for staying productive and happy in the…