2017 Tapestry Conference - S4E3
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The 2017 Tapestry Conference will feature Curt Thompson, author of Anatomy of the Soul and The Soul of Shame. Dr. Thompson’s work is an integral part of the Empowered to Connect Parent Training classes; Anatomy of the Soul is one of the books that parents read as part of the training.The 2017 Tapestry Conference will be held October 20th and 21st at Irving Bible Church, in Irving, TX. Use the discount code PODCAST20 for 20% off your registration. Anatomy of the Soul The Soul of Shame Cindy Lee on Amazon Cindy Lee on the Tapestry Podcast Tapestry: Web | Facebook | Twitter | Donate Empowered to Connect: Web | Facebook | Twitter One Big Happy Home | Ryan’s Blog Intro/Outro Music: “Home” by Moses Uvere Engineered and Produced by Dallas Stacy