Essential Apple Podcast 76: In Conversation with Jeff Gamet of TMO
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February 19, 2018
Recorded 18th February 2018 This week saw another deadly school shooting in the US and whilst we don’t want to dwell on that event we felt it appropriate to just mention our horror and sorrow at another senseless tragedy. Meanwhile we are joined by the esteemed Jeff Gamet, Managing Editor at The Mac Observer and co-host of the Apple Context Machine Podcast to talk about the HomePod, “white-ring gate”, Twitter killing its Mac client and more. On this week’s show: APPLE HomePods leaving a white ring on wooden surfaces – The Verge NEVER place anything directly onto polished/waxed/oiled wood surfaces. There is a reason your grandmother insisted on cork backed tablemats and coasters etc and never let you put stuff on her dining table - and it wasn’t bloodymindedness! Maybe Apple should have included a warning like “avoid placing HomePod directly into polished/waxed/oiled wood surfaces” because perhaps not everyone has/had grandmothers/mothers like me who drummed that stuff into me from year dot. And it isn’t just…