Essential Apple Podcast 50: Suicidal Robots?
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Recorded 22nd July 2017 No guests this week, and not a lot of Apple news, but we still manage to find a slew of weird, wonderful, interesting or crazy stories to shake a stick at… ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous. Plus Simon “goes off on one” about how hard it was to just play some music files on his iPhone like we all used to do on our iPods… and why he banished the iOS Music app to the darkest recesses of the “Rarely Used” folder on the furthest screen of his iPhone. On this week’s show: Mobile is now the preferred platform for reading email – AppleWorld.Today Apple’s design team took a summer vacation and came up with these new headphone designs – Apple Arrrrrggggggghhh - no, no, no, no… Here’s What We Know (So Far) About the iPhone 9. The 2018 iPhone, set to launch after the iPhone 8, may be dubbed the “iPhone 9.” Some big changes could be in store. Here’s what (we think) Apple is planning – Inverse From @dougee A little tip for you all: If you find somewhere (i.e. a place of business) in Apple…