Essential Apple Podcast 84: Cake, Marzipan & Gas Refineries?
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Recorded 22nd April 2018 We’re back – sorry about last week but due to other commitments Mark and I couldn’t get a slot to do a show. Also sorry that this one is a bit late… Life and work etc. This week… Mark gets stuck in traffic while I am joined by Vic Hudson, a veteran of the Bubblesort, Pragmatic, App Story and Pocket Sized Podcasts. Remember you don’t need a special invite to join our Slack community any more, you can now just click on this instead! On this week’s show: VIC HUDSON Pragmatic Bubblesort Pocket Sized Podcast App Story Podcast Vic’s app Health Up Display, now in beta. Vic’s other perpetual beta, Mowing Meter: Fitness Tracking for the back yard! Vic on Twitter Vic on APPLE Here’s how Apple is fighting GrayKey iPhone unlocker – Cult of Mac Switch to 64-bit Leaves macOS Developers in Tough Spot – Dice Insights ARM Mac: Piece of Cake Or Gas Refinery? – Jean Louis Gassée ARM Mac Part Deux: Less Confusion – Jean Louis Gassée 13-inch MacBook Pro (non Touch Bar) Battery…