Essential Apple Podcast 78: Chicken Casserole & Social Media with GazMaz
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Recorded 4th March 2018 This week the tech news has mostly been all about the Mobile World Congress, and it wasn’t very exciting to be fair – mostly seemed like a lot of people copying the “notch” they all made so much fun of… So for a bit of a different feel this week we are joined by the irrepressible and effervescent GazMaz from the MyMac show to take a look at the apparent “disturbance in the force” caused by the “sudden” arrival of Vero, the appearance of, and a couple of other upstarts wanting to take on the might of Twitter, Instagram, Snap and Facebook. Sorry some of the sound isn’t as good as usual - we had some technical difficulties and went to Discord - but I don’t think all our settings were as good as they could have been. On this week’s show: SERVICES MENTIONED Vero Vero: What to Know About the New App and its CEO – Time Counter.Social Mastodon Twitter Hootsuite The My Mac Skype Phone Number – Skype +1 Area code 703-436-9501 APPLE Horace Dediu estimates 2/3rds of all…