44: Not a lot of Pre WWDC Honest
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Since we last did a podcast there have been two atrocious terrorist attacks in Britain, and several others around the World… our thoughts are with you. More on dropping Googlemail and some of the tribulations that gave Simon WWDC is nearly here… so we are just waiting to see what happens (we don’t do rumours) This sounds positively ghastly:- Skype to get a “revamp” to compete with Snapchat and iMessage Cult of Mac Your next heat source could come from a server, if Nerdalize has its way - Digital Trends Poll: Would trackpad & mouse support be a good halfway house on an iPad? | 9to5Mac MacJim from our slack room makes an appearance. Nemo’s Hardware Store (37:15) ProCable Shortz* *3.5mm 4-Conductor Male to Female Extender Radtech - Amazon This podcast is powered by Pinecast.