Essential Apple Podcast 106: Teething toubles & falling down
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Recorded 30th September 2018 Sorry it’s late - life and work kind of intervened… Also sorry about last week - neither Donny or I were feeling up to scratch so we decided that if we both felt ill it was best to just abandon it. Meanwhile the stories kept piling up - an awful lot of it “security and privacy’ related to be honest. DONT FORGET THE JOE KISSELL OFFER… 30% any Take Control purchase before November 30th with this link 30% Off or use the code ESSENTIALAPPLE at checkout. And just quick reminder that Indonesia was struck with a 7.7 earthquake resulting in a massive Tsunami… Please consider donating to a reputable aid agency if you can. Why not come and join the Slack community? You can now just click on this Slackroom Link to sign up and join in the chatter! We can now also be found on Spotify, Soundcloud and even YouTube. Essential Apple Recommended Services: – Never give out your real email address online again. Sudo – Get up to 9 free “avatars” with email addresses, phone numbers and more…