42: It’s The Coffin That They Carry You Off In
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None of us are feeling too great this week so we muddle through and discuss more Microsoft, that cyberwar attack, a new watch case and in what order would we drop the big the big tech 5. On this week’s show. More on using a Surface Massive “cyber attack” which isn’t - it is just another ransomware “gone bigly” Simon’s impression of the Catalyst Case for 42mm Apple Watch Series 1 | Catalyst Lifestyle protective cover. Dropping the big 5 Tech giants - The New York Times Nemo’s Hardware Store (27:50) Kanex Premium DuraFlex Lightning Cable - Not yet available on Amazon UK WOW-SOUND - The ultimate outdoor, portable speaker | Indiegogo E.LUMEN Multi-functional 3W LED Flashlight | Renogy Social Media and Slack You can follow us on: EssentialApple.com / Twitter / Facebook / Google Plus / Slack – ask us for an invite any way you can get hold of us If you really like the show that much and would like to make a regular donation then please consider joining our Patreon And a HUGE thank you to the patrons who already do.…