Essential Apple Podcast 54: Boinx and more…
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September 4, 2017
Recorded 3rd September 2017 While we are all enjoying ourselves, spare a thought for the people in Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Sierra Leone and of course Texas (and anywhere else), who have been affected by devastating flooding this month and, if you can, please consider making a donation to a reputable disaster relief charity. This week, we are joined by Oliver Breidenbach of Boinx Software, makers of FotoMagico, iStopMotion, MiMoLive and other ”cool photo and video software for Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch” to talk about, well Boinx obviously, and all the rest of the stuff we came across this week. On this week’s show: APPLE The date is official and the invites have been sent… September 12th Uncle Tim and Co will unveil what they have up their sleeves. Hot on the heels of the last Beta releases the Dev 8/Public 7 builds went live promptly followed by Dev 9/Public 8 just days later. Why AR powered smart glasses might be Apple’s next big money maker – BGR Smart glasses ‘will be as popular as mobile phones’…