21 : Don’t use one password, use 1Password.
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September 26, 2016
Joining me this week form Agile Bits, the makers of the excellent 1Passworks is Chris De Jabet (Day-zhah-bay), Communicator in Brief). Especially good timing for this show what with the huge leak from Yahoo. We cover using 1Password, find out more about the team behind the app and pick up some hints and tips along the way. You can follow us on: EssentialApple.com / Twitter / Facebook / Google Plus / Slack chat – ask us for an invite any way you can get hold of us Fancy Helping Out The show? Our Amazon Affiliate Link means we get a very small amount of commission from whatever you purchase. If you really like the show that much and would like to make a regular donation then please consider joining our Patreon And a HUGE thank you to the patrons who already do. Find out more on the The Essential Apple Podcast website.