Essential Apple Podcast 103: Take Control with Joe Kissell
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September 3, 2018
Recorded 2nd September 2018 This week I am joined by regular co-host Nick Riley, and guest Joe Kissell (of Take Control books). As ever we try to avoid all the pre 12th September event rumours and speculation and focus on things that happened this week. Including an Apple autonomous test car getting rear ended, Apple buying an AR glasses/lenses company, and women demanding that fitness apps and products have a “pregnancy mode”… Why not come and join the Slack community? You can now just click on this Slackroom Link to sign up and join in the chatter! We can now also be found on Spotify, Soundcloud and even YouTube. Essential Apple Recommended Services: – Never give out your real email address online again. Sudo – Get up to 9 free “avatars” with email addresses, phone numbers and more to mask your online identity. ProtonMail – End to end encrypted, open source, based in Switzerland. Prices start from FREE… what more can you ask? ProtonVPN – a VPN to go with it perhaps? Prices also starting from…