Essential Apple Podcast 006 - Marks 1 Revalation
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We were going to go WWDC prediction bonkers but just before going live Apple announced the subscription plans for the App store. So we talk about that, Mark Gurman, press expectations, our expectations, worth a chirp and some interesting listener comments. After yet another password breach where some lucky soul thought they bagged themselves a Amazon Prime subscription, it was finally time to put 1Password through it’s paces. The end result.. Just get it because it turns out I’m not the only fan of it on the show. More show notes at Thanks to the TechFan and MyMac Podcast for the mention. Marking Gurman on a grade. We discuss (sort of) his past and present predictions. WWDC what are we most looking forward to and hoping for. Nemos Hardware Store takes a look at the Adata i-Memory SDXC card which adds some serious storage to those Macbook Airs (and other Macs). If you’re interested in this or anything else on Amazon please consider using our affiliate link. Thanks to all of the listeners…