Essential Apple Bonus: Double Interview Special
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November 23, 2018
A couple of interviews I recorded recently that for a variety of reasons haven’t made it into a “normal” show. Adobe Elements give us the lowdown on the latest releases for 2019 and BeLight Software (makers of Swift Publisher, ArtText, Live Home 3D and more) tell us about their products. Enjoy! Essential Apple Recommended Services: – Never give out your real email address online again. Sudo – Get up to 9 “avatars” with email addresses, phone numbers and more to mask your online identity. Free for the first year and priced from $0.99US / £2.50UK per month thereafter… ProtonMail – End to end encrypted, open source, based in Switzerland. Prices start from FREE… what more can you ask? ProtonVPN – a VPN to go with it perhaps? Prices also starting from nothing! Fake Name Generator – So much more than names! Create whole identities (for free) with all the information you could ever need. Wire – Free for personal use, open source and end to end encryted messenger and VoIP. Pinecast – a fabulous podcast…