#100 - Our 100th episode spectacular! - 11 July 2016
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For our 100th episode we’ve got a double length special episode for you. Twenty tracks that allow us to reminisce on some of the great music we’ve played on the podcast in years gone by, whilst looking at some of the music exciting us today. Over 100 episodes we’ve featured 1,500 independent artists and record labels, here’s to the next 100 episodes! Tracklisting Starkey - OK Luv (Instrumental) (Planet Mu, UK) Kenny Graham & his Satellites - Chant (Trunk Records, UK) Novelist - War (self-release, UK) Mark Ernestus’ Ndagga Rhythm Force ‎– Lamb Ji [Feat. Mbene Diatta Seck] (Ndagga Records, Germany) Prince Jaabaal - Hailing Jah Jah (self-release, Trinidad and Tobago) The Cold Seeds - The Perfume of Mexican Birds (Song, By Toad, UK) Blawan - Getting Me Down (self-release, UK) Jookabox - Don’t Go Phantom (Asthmatic Kitty Records, USA) Sarathy Korwar - Mawra - Transcendence (Ninja Tune x Steve Reid Foundation, UK) The Bug - Box ft. D Double E (Ninja Tune, UK) L’Orange & Jeremiah Jae - Do My Best to Carry On…