#83 - Booze, Billy Bao, Flamingods, Memotone - 14 March 2016
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This week’s podcast may clock in under an hour, but we still have the usual ten tracks of weird and wonderful independent music for you. We’ve got an exclusive first play of the new Booze track from their second album. We also have new ones from London/Bahrain’s Flamingods, UK hip hop from Joker Starr, beautiful acoustic guitar music from Seabuckthorn, odd library electronics from Sheffield’s I Monster, African experimentation from Billy Bao, dubstep from Memotone and pop rock from Witching Waves. There’s also reissued Sengalese music via Analogue Africa and a tribute to the late, great George Martin. Tracklisting Le Tropical Jazz - Kiko Medina Flamingods - Rhama Joker Starr - Shottas Seabuckthorn - They Haunted Most Thickly and Sang I Monster - The ballad of Harry Chamberlin and the surreptitious window cleaner Ray Cathode - Waltz In Orbit Memotone - Your Eyes my Teeth Booze - Negative Inversion Billy Bao - C Witching Waves - Flowers