17: Overcoming Immunotherapy Resistance
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Welcome back to Season 3. In this episode we’re tackling one of the hottest topics in cancer research, why do cancer immunotherapies work in some people, but not in others? Why do they stop working? If we want to obtain long durable responses, then we have to understand and overcome resistance. Most of the interviews you’ll hear were recorded at the 2017 annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) in Washington DC. In this episode you’ll hear leading cancer immunotherapy experts including Dr Gordon Mills (MD Anderson Cancer Center), Dr Jason Luke (University of Chicago), Dr Daniel Chen (Genentech), Dr James Gulley (National Cancer Institute), Dr Leisha Emens (Johns Hopkins), Dr Ira Mellman (Genentech), Dr Julie Brahmer (Johns Hopkins), Dr Stephan Grupp (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia) and Dr Christine Brown (City of Hope). Some of the meaty topics covered include: - initial resistance - acquired resistance - immune escape - how we may be able to turn non-responders into…