The Scariest Uber Ride Ever
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As soon as the car pulled out of the airport, I knew I was in trouble. But, locked in the back seat for the next 45 minutes, I had no way to escape. After explaining how he’d spent decades in the military as a trained killer, my Uber driver began telling me how he’d spent years in Afghanistan and Iraq guarding a top secret team of U.S. archaeologists that were searching for the ancient remains of a secret alien ship that could be used as a weapon of mass destruction. I also learned that, according to my driver, one family secretly controls 75 percent of the governments, countries and wealth on the entire planet, Americans have been intentionally brainwashed since birth starting with the nursery rhymes(!) we’re taught, and that catastrophic, earth-shaking events are imminent thanks to a “pole shift” that could happen any day now. Did I mention the ride was 45 minutes long? Your Worldview + Certainty is Everything in Marketing What was most fascinating (and terrifying) about this driver was his certainty…