The Most Effective LinkedIn Messaging Script Ever
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I wanted to share this as its the most effective LinkedIn messaging script I’ve ever created in over 6 years of doing this. I’ll break it all down in this episode of Nemo Radio! (Best of all, this approach is not sleazy, spammy or sales-y in any fashion.) Here’s why this script works: The people you meet on LinkedIn (or any other social platform) want you to ask permission before you start trying to sell them. This sales script does that, and, in addition to working like crazy, it also doesn’t make people angry, offended or upset when they receive it from me. It’s a two part script, and you can start utilizing this approach when you message prospects on LinkedIn or other social platforms. Note: The goal of this script (I send it to my 1-on-1 connections as a LinkedIn message) is to get prospective customers or clients to check out my free LinkedIn lead generation webinar. If you want a copy of the script, email me — [email protected]