What People REALLY Want To Buy From You
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“I told John Nemo I thought he’d be some boring, pole-up-his (read end), corporate suit and tie guy because he teaches LinkedIn.” “Turns out he is hilarious, fun, and LOUD.” I just got back from a Mastermind Event at a fabulous lake resort in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. It was hosted by top copywriter Ray Edwards and featured a small group of high-level online marketers, entrepreneurs and business owners. I earned my way into that room of top performers by helping Ray launch his Copywriting Academy online course a few months back. Among the many lessons I learned inside that meeting space was a reminder of the “online” version of John Nemo versus the “real life” version of John Nemo. For those who only know me via my LinkedIn profile photo, and the fact that I’m a LinkedIn Trainer, it could lead them to believe I would be a certain way. (Boring, stiff, etc.) My LinkedIn profile photo, for example, has me in a suit and tie. Confession: That is the ONLY time I’ve worn a suit and tie in the past 5 years! LESSON: My…