The Critical Life (and Work) Lesson Captured in a Photo from 1977
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My father died when I was 17. Today, I came across a grainy photo from 1977 that captures in one chaotic moment where his focus was most nights. In the image, he’s on his hands and knees, crawling on the floor as my two older sisters (ages 6 and 4) ride on his back. His left arm is reaching out, keeping my two-year-old self from falling over as I laugh hysterically at his antics. Nearby, our family dog Molly monitors the situation, ready to pounce in on the fun at a moment’s notice. What I remember (and what is eternal) was my father’s character and his choice to spend time pouring into the lives of his kids vs. chasing career ambitions. Kids spell “love” T-I-M-E and it’s a major reason I work from home and shape my schedule around our family life (not the other way around). I would give anything for more time with my dad, and it impacted me profoundly that he was always home around 4pm every day and available for me on weekends too. In today’s online era, there is literally no excuse not to do work you love…