How Business Coaches And Consultants Can QUICKLY Generate More Quality Leads Online
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If you’re a Business Coach or Consultant, and you want to generate quality leads, book discovery calls and build your client base quickly, then this strategy is something you must utilize. Here’s why I love this approach: It is a strategy and system that is “set it and forget it,” meaning you create it once, and then it runs 24/7 for you online. In essence, you have what equates to virtual, 1-on-1 coffee meetings with potential prospects all over the world, on their schedule and without YOU needing to be present in the room! Best of all, this system enables you to “bottle up” your best self, demonstrate your value and expertise to your target audience, explain how you can help those prospects achieve their goals, and then naturally move them into beginning a relationship with you - via a discovery call, online application or even enrolling directly into one of your coaching programs. In this episode, I’ll talk about How To Grow Your Coaching or Consulting Business using Webinars! (Even if You Have ZERO Tech,…