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Hedge Mazes There are several types of mazes: Unicursal mazes do not have branches or points where a choice of direction must be made. These mazes resemble knot gardens and contain shorter plants. Branching mazes have a tree like structure with a single path that leads to the center or to the end of the maze. Additional paths may branch off this main path, but these paths lead to a dead end. Island mazes have multiple paths that lead to the center. The walls in an island maze are not all connected. The Shining @IMDB @YouTube @Rotten Tomatoes Subscribe to our brand of fun OvercastDeath by Horror RSS: Death by Horror Find us on iTunes-DbH Stalk us LonleyBob on Twitter iMorpheus on Twitter Play with us Suggest a movie Submission form Become a Patreon over on Patreon Remember, what you don’t know…can kill you.