Puzzle Box: Chains Included!
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Gift Giving Etiquette: Receipts According to the Modern Manners Guy, providing a gift’s receipt is perfectly acceptable: Well, I think it’s time we stopped worrying about our own feelings of frustration and inadequacy when handing over the gift receipt. Gift receipts are not evil. In fact, they are very thoughtful. Imagine your brother or mom standing in the return line trying to exchange their fancy new sweater for a fancy new sweater that fits a little better. He or she might be stuck with a lot of hassle trying to make the return without that receipt. Hellraiser @IMDB @YouTube @Rotten Tomatoes Subscribe to our brand of fun OvercastDeath by Horror RSS: Death by Horror Find us on iTunes-DbH Stalk us LonleyBob on Twitter iMorpheus on Twitter Play with us Suggest a movie Submission form Become a Patreon over on Patreon Remember, what you don’t know…can kill you.