Shotgun and Quill: A Weaponised Romance
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Roger Ebert on Critters: If perfect fools can hold driver’s licenses, why can’t creatures from outer space be just as dumb? And if they are bounty hunters, why shouldn’t they be trigger-happy, firing at everything that moves, like a television set, for example? We always assume that visitors from other worlds will be far more intelligent than we are, but maybe they’ll just turn out to have faster means of intergalactic travel. (Source: Roger Ebert) Critters @IMDB @YouTube @Rotten Tomatoes Subscribe to our brand of fun iTunes RSS Overcast Stalk us LonelyBob on Twitter iMorpheus on Twitter Play with us Suggest a movie Submission form Become a Patreon over on Patreon Remember, what you don’t know…can kill you.