Working Classics: How Does a Director of Presidential Correspondence Work?
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In Working: Classics, we’re revisiting some of our favorite episodes from past arcs of the show.There’s no workplace that looms larger in Washington, D.C. than the White House. Hundreds of employees work within its walls, but most of us don’t know much about what really goes on there. We’re talking to Fiona Reeves, the Director of Presidential Correspondence. Every day Reeves and her staff sort through thousands of letters and emails that President Obama receives from his constituents. She ultimately selects ten for him to read each night. She talked to us about some of the most memorable letters she’s examined, from the sad, to the funny, to the hopeful. And in a Slate Plus extra, Reeves tells us how social media and email have informed the art of letter writing. Start your two-week free trial at [email protected]: @Jacob_Brogan