The “How Does a Debate Moderator Work?” Edition?
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John Donvan has made a career out of staying calm – and staying on topic. A veteran ABC News correspondent, he’s now the moderator of Intelligence Squared Debates, a series of Oxford-style debates on the most controversial issues of the day. In this week’s episode of Working, Donvan explains how a successful debate requires a good question and a moderator who knows when to interrupt. In a Slate Plus extra, Donvan schools Harris on why she shouldn’t try to game Intelligence Squared’s scoring system. If you’re not a member, enjoy bonus segments and interview transcripts from Working, plus other great podcast exclusives. Start your two-week free trial at Our sponsor today: Braintree. If you’re working on a mobile app and searching for a simple payments solution, check out Braintree. With one simple integration, you can offer your customers every way to pay. To learn more, and for your first $50,000 in transactions fee-free, go to Email: [email protected]