In Baltimore: How Does a Neurosurgeon Work?
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On this season of Working, we visit the city of Baltimore, to talk to people about their jobs there. We’re hoping to learn about how the city informs their work, and how they are shaping Baltimore itself, by working.When Harry Mushlin operates on a brain, he feels his patient’s selfhood in his hands. Mushlin is a neurosurgery resident with the University of Maryland currently practicing pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Medical Center and operating on victims of violence at UMD’s Shock Trauma Center. He spoke with us about working on the human brain, the trying hours of neurosurgery, and seeing Baltimore through the lens of the operating room.Then in a Slate Plus Extra, Mushlin tells us about working in the shadow of Baltimore’s most famous neurosurgeon, Dr. Ben Carson. If you’re a member, enjoy bonus segments and interview transcripts from Working, plus other great podcast exclusives. Start your two-week free trial at [email protected]: @Jacob_Brogan