The “How Does an Imam Work?” Edition
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This season on Working, we’re speaking to individuals employed in fields potentially imperiled by the Trump presidency. These are the stories of people doing difficult but important jobs—jobs that may get much more difficult and much more important in the years ahead.For this episode Jacob Brogan visited Masjid Muhammad, one of Washington, DC’s oldest mosques. We spoke with Imam Talib Shareef, a retired U.S. air force officer who helped reform the military’s relationship with its Muslim service members during his own time in the armed forces. Imam Shareef spoke with us about some of his basic responsibilities as a religious leader, such as leading prayers, but he also spoke about his involvement with interfaith projects, along with other forms of community outreach. And he addressed the ways that Islamophobia informs his daily efforts, both before and after the rise of Donald Trump.Then, in a Slate Plus extra, Imam Shareef talks about his decades-long study of martial arts, and discusses how it plays into…