Mesosphere’s Founders On The Modern Role Of The Scheduler
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When the Open Container Initiative was first formed over two years ago now, the event appeared at the time to lend a much-needed sense of importance to the matter of how a software container should be formed and formatted. Then last year, Mesosphere began work on what it was describing as a Universal Container Runtime (UCR) — a way to leverage Mesos’ format-agnostic methodology for scheduling workloads, to schedule any workload in any respectable format but recognize it as though it were a container. Last month at MesosCon in Los Angeles, Mesosphere formally announced the stable version of the project. And in a wide-ranging discussion, company co-founder and CTO Tobias Knaup offered some further insight on the concept, defining UCR as a runtime inside Mesos enabling it to abstract away the details of a workload from whatever container management system may be addressing that workload. Watch on YouTube: