03: Mighty Change of Heart
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In this episode, Josh and Dallan discuss their most recent blog posts, the real reason behind why we should keep the commandments, and how to actually keep the commandments. Show Notes: “After All We Can Do” Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Means (Shorter Post) Understanding Nephi’s Phrase: “After All We Can Do” (Longer Post) Einstein Quote (it appears that Einstein did not say it, but it’s still a nice thought) 1 Ne. 11 2 Ne. 25.23 2 Ne. 31.19 The Gift of Grace by Pres. Uchtdorf If ye love me… (John 14.15) Wrought a mighty change (Mosiah 5.2) He first loved us (John 4.19) Faith & repentance brings a change of heart (Hel. 15.7) Begrudgingly keeping the commandments is not beneficial (Moro. 7.6) Instagram photo summary LISTEN FROM A MOBILE DEVICE Learn more about Mormons