04: Doubting Nothing
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In this episode, Josh and Dallan explore belief, doubt, and courage as they seek to discover how to gain a powerful faith. Show Notes: What is Truth? by Pres. Uchtdorf Alma 32.21 | Heb. 11.1 Brad Wilcox FairMormon Podcast (Part 1) Brad Wilcox FairMormon Podcast (Part 2) Faith without works is dead (James 2.26) Woman with an issue of blood: Matt. 9.20-22 | Mark 5.25-34 | Luke 8.43-48 Peter walks on water (Matt. 14.25-31) Peter and John heal a crippled man (Acts 3.1-16) Peter and John Heal a Man Crippled Since Birth (Video) Alma’s faith causes an angel to appear (Mosiah 27.14) Help thou mine unbelief (Mark 9.17-27) Lord, I Believe by Jeffrey R. Holland Faith is the first great governing principle (Joseph Smith, Lectures on Faith) Enoch’s faith (Moses 7.13) Shall not doubt in his heart (Mark 11.23-24) Doubting nothing (Morm. 9.21) Miracles by Matthew Cowley Have miracles ceased? (Moro. 7.33-37) Whatsoever ye ask for which is “right” (3 Ne. 18.20) Whatsoever ye ask for which is “expedient” (D&C 88.64) Whatsoever…