361 - Brandan Schieppati (Bleeding Through)
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Brandan Schieppati (Bleeding Through) finally joins me on the podcast. We managed to get a great skype call in. We talk about their coming back and why BT had to go away on an ‘Adult Break.’ we also get into the ever changing face of the music biz, nostalgia, ‘too many shows,’ touring and so much more. Follow the show @thejastashow @jameyjasta @gasdigital @howardfrank Support our sponsors Blueapron.com/jasta indiemerchstore.com code JASTA15 Monsterenergy.com gasdigitalnetwork.com/toon Earpeace.com code JASTA20 infinitecbd.com/jasta code jasta15 Barrelbrands.us code jasta10