“One Night Stand” with Alisha Holland | Co-Creator of Sketch Comedy Podcast Show
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Listen to the sketch on YouTube here!: Welcome to the first episode of Sketch Comedy Podcast Show! Well, not the first episode, but the first episode of the revamped Sketch Comedy Podcast Show. Catch the sketch alone on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/K_5_fFeNDQo So what changed? Well, we found out that people like to hear the discussions that lead to the sketches, so we decided that should be part of the show. Then, we decided that instead of doing four sketches in a week, we went with one a week. Lastly, it felt like it was time to start inviting other people to be on the show finally, so we decided to do that. Then, my partner on the podcast, Alisha, decided it was time to take a hiatus. It was a bit of a crisis, because I didn’t know what to do… suddenly I was forced to make a decision: Do I carry on and talk into a microphone on my own or do I wrap up the show and be done with it? Then, I realized that the show could exist, but it couldn’t be the same. It never really will be, and I really love the show…