“It’s All in the Bag” with Katie BBB | You would never guess what she does in real-life.
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Watch the sketch on YouTube here!: Stuart invites his friend Katie BBB to the show and… holy shit it turns out great! We solve swamp ass, discuss artificial intelligence and how pissed off it will be when it awakens and realizes how much we have sexually abused them and foo foo bags… we will leave that to the episode to describe it. We then take all of that and create a sketch. Seriously, this might be @Stoopac’s favorite recording session. It was almost lost to the world, but somehow he found a way to hack his system to find the audio. It is good that happened, it would be a tragedy if this was lost to the world! Are you liking the show? Then stop sitting there twiddling your fingers or keeping your hands on the wheel safely, head over to Apple Podcasts (bit.ly/SCPSitunes) or Google Play (bit.ly/SCPSgplay) and leave a review now! We all know one thing, pregnant women are smug as shit. And why wouldn’t they be? Think about it, a woman and a bad, drunken decision can result in the miracle of child birth.…