“Father Time” with Jason Marshall | Comedian and Podcaster of the “We Don’t Have Cookies” Podcast
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Watch the sketch on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/ELF8l-1NFYA Jason Marshall has stories. On his podcast “We Don’t Have Cookies” he talks with guests each week about strange news stories from around the world and life in general with guest segments from a wide variety of people. I’ve been a guest twice! (Episodes in the show notes) Jason and I talk about living in a car, comedy, and, most importantly, “Father Time”. You have to listen to find out more, and why “Father Time” is far scarier because of FaceBook. Then we record a sketch about “Father Time” himself! After this episode, please go check out the episode that I was just on to find out who the “Dumbest Person in the World” is this week! Look for the “We Don’t Have Cookies” episode released on October 22nd… because you will know one fo the guests for sure! Hint: It’s me. I’m on the show. Check the show notes below, but make sure you subscribe because it’s a really fun show even when I’m not on it! This week’s sketch: When the phone rings, are you…