Conversation with Joseph “Zombie” Zuko… Again! | Zombie Author
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Watch it on YouTube here: Joseph “Zombie” Zuko is the author of “The Infected” series of novels that tell of the exploits of Jim, his wife Karen, and a very large cast of characters in the days after the zombies attack. I know some of you probably read this as Joe himself was a zombie which is inaccurate, but for dramatic effect let’s just pretend that is the truth. My brains were still intact after this conversation because, according to every ex-girlfriend I have ever had, I sit on my brains because of where they are located. Joe has also started doing comedic videos called “Zombie Dad” on YouTube. They are delightful and I suggest hitting the link in the show notes and checking them out, they are funny! Joe is a close friend of mine, and we have a lot of fun getting together and chatting, and this is no different. We did it in the basement of a place we both once worked at and it makes it especially sweet. Make sure to check out “The Infected” series of books as well as his…