“It’s a Marathon Production” with Nate Dern
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Twenty-six grueling miles of body punishment and for what? Glory? Accomplishment? Awesome selfies? Who knows what it is about marathons that attract us, but we love the spectacle of watching people in incredible shape make their bodies perform at their peak performance and watch as they poop themselves, collapse and nearly die as they cross the finish line. This sketch was performed with Nate Dern. You can catch the conversation where this sketch came from here!: https://scps.fireside.fm/natedern Also, make sure to read Nate’s great book “Not Quite a Genius” on Amazon here: http://bit.ly/SCPSnotquiteagenius Sketch Comedy Podcast show is an independent and completely improvised sketch podcast that is based on conversations with interesting people like YOU! We welcome all suggestions, and we are always looking for new and interesting people to have on the podcast. Thank you so much for watching and listening, and please check out our other links for more information, interaction and overall fun! For more…