“I Dream of India” with Amber Peeler | Stuart’s Daughter and fan of “The Walking Dead”
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September 25, 2016
Listen to the sketch on YouTube!: Hey Everyone! This episode was one of the most special and was ultimately one of the most frustrating episodes I ever recorded. After living on a farm in an intended community my daughter came back and had really opened her mind to a lot of things that allowed her to become one with the universe and really find herself at 19. I thought it was fascinating. Amber, my daughter, on the other hand was really uncomfortable talking about any of it. So, we recorded this episode 3 times and ignored any of the things that happened at the farm. That’s okay, because of the Walking Dead! It’s still a really fun episode and Amber is just delightful in the conversation and with the sketch. There is a new section on the website for feedback. I love feedback. I love it even when it’s just someone trolling and telling me to eat my own dick. So, click on the “Feedback / Donation” button on the bottom of the page and really let me have it. Also, while you are there, if you feel like it’s worth…