“Wanna Join a Band?” With Aaron Ryder | Sex-positive and the most energetic person… ever!
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Watch the sketch on YouTube here!: This week, Stuart invites his friend Aaron Ryder onto the show because Aaron Ryder is unique. Unique in a way that is delightful and refreshing. He wears two different shoes all the time. He wears a necktie regardless of whether or not he is wearing a shirt. He is not an actor, but finds his way to stages because that’s the type of guy he is. Aaron also has some AMAZING FUCKING STORIES! He shares a couple of these stories, one of which will be told on stage in this year’s “Mystery Box Theater” coming up in August a show in Portland that is well worth your time and money (and, if you happen to go, you will likely see Stuart there). So, for this part this week I am going to ask you for a favor. Maybe you’ve been listening for a while, or maybe you are new, but I want to get a nice “best of” for Season 1 and would be fascinated to hear what you out there in podcast land feel are the best bits so far. Is there a part of a conversation that was awesome? Or maybe you have a…