“Red Ring Royalty” with Joseph “Zombie” Zuko
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Watch the sketch on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/PMt2f6pAkIM The next world war is not going to be the US vs. North Korea, or the US vs. Russia, or the US vs… wait a second, are we the problem? Well, whatever, it isn't going to be global powers, it will be technology powers. Apple vs. Google, US vs. Amazon or something ridiculous like that. Right now, the war raging in most 14 year old brains is which is better, Xbox or Playstation? Maybe it's more than just games we should be considering… Featuring Zombie Author Joseph "Zombie" Zuko. You can learn more about him and his "The Infected" series of books in the show notes below. Sketch Comedy Podcast show is an independent and completely improvised sketch podcast that is based on conversations with interesting people like YOU! We welcome all suggestions, and we are always looking for new and interesting people to have on the podcast. Thank you so much for watching and listening, and please check out our other links for more information, interaction and…