“Request for Leave” with Tom Flynn | Surprise guest and incredibly interesting!
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December 18, 2016
Watch the sketch on YouTube here!: This was an interesting episode! What makes it interesting? Well, it was the first time Sketch Comedy Podcast Show made it onto the radio (okay, the first and only time), the final product was played at a fundraiser in front of over 100 people (and yes, it got laughs), and the entire thing was recorded and edited in one day for a podcast competition. It was also recorded, then lost, by yours truly and so I had to rerecord and re-edit the entire thing twice. It was may stressful, but the end result was fantastic! My guest on the show is Tom Flynn, who was at this same competition with me. Tom is interesting in many ways; not only was he the oldest person in the room but he is also over 70 and decided to leave his incredibly successful career to START SOMETHING COMPLETELY NEW! AT 70! It was mind-blowing! Also, he had been in the military and actually had to write to President Richard Nixon to get out of the military. Just awesome stories from Tom, and it was a lot of fun…