“DADvice” with Ken Hansen | Director of Youth Social Programs
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Listen to the sketch on YouTube here!: Hey Everyone! This week I invite a friend of a friend onto the show, Ken Hanson. Ken started having children REALLY EARLY in life, so all of his adult life he has been dealing with his own kids (and exes) as well as other people’s kids in his working life. I like this episode a lot because it is all about the conversation and just having a nice, relaxed conversation (that may get interrupted by one of his kids). I recently started a new company, Marathon Productions, LLC. This is really exciting for me, because this makes creating podcasts actually like a real thing! I am also helping other people start podcasts. The first podcast I am helping with is a conservative talk show… which is waaaay out of my wheelhouse but it is fun creating and crafting a new show and new format. If you know someone who is looking for help in starting a podcast and would like to learn how to effectively produce, publish and market a podcast (I sell myself short often), just let them know…