“Strike That Pose” with Kara Cooper | Professional Photographer and Author
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September 17, 2017
My friend Kara Cooper joins the podcast. She is a photographer who does all sorts of really great pictures: wedding pictures, professional head shots, nudes. Lots of nudes. In fact, she has a book of nudes! It has a happy ending! Kara’s book is actually really beautiful, she invited people to really open up and try doing something a little beyond what they were comfortable with. I really like her photos and still plan on using her for my tasteful nudes (you will find out why on the show). If you have a wedding, need a headshot or portrait, want pictures of yoga or, as mentioned before, a nude, she can absolutely help you at [karacooperphotography.com]. By this time, all of the sketches from Season 1 should be on YouTube now! I know that some of you prefer just hearing the sketches, and I totally understand! So, the YouTube page for Sketch Comedy Podcast Show is the place to go and do that! There are playlists for Season 1, Season 2, and I will finally be putting all of the content from the original Sketch…