“$wag $wami” with Chris & Lyndsay Jones
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Have you ever woken up, stared at the ceiling and wondered… “What’s it all for?” You aren’t alone. At some point, everyone comes to a point where they start to question their own existence and what that means to them. Sometimes we need to find guidance in these spiritual questions, so we seek gurus that have done the important work and have laid the groundwork. These spiritual leaders have done the really important work, like setting up a Patreon page and getting Shopify to work… Featuring real, honest-to-goodness helpful self-help gurus Chris and Lyndsay Jones. You can find them on Twitter at @hugyourchaos and take a look at their fantastic books “You Are the Architect” and “The No Bullshit Guide to Chakras” (http://bit.ly/SCPShugyourchaos) Like the sketch? Listen to the conversation that inspired it and how we recorded it here!: Sketch Comedy Podcast show is an independent and completely improvised sketch podcast that is based on conversations with interesting people like YOU! We welcome all suggestions,…